When we were lucky enough to come into a little money, we decided that a timeshare was a good use of the funds. We could find just the right resort, offering the facilities that we needed for our family. We could also book the weeks most suited to us. Furthermore, this meant that we would no longer struggle with booking the right weeks and we didn’t have to worry about whether or not the resort would be suitable.

After a good many years of timeshare use, the children were all grown up and we decided that we would like to buy a boat instead of heading off to Spain each year. Like many people, we hadn’t really paid much attention to the issue of timeshare resales when we purchased our weeks, so we had no idea what to do to sell on. I had heard stories of people practically given their weeks away in desperation, but I couldn’t believe that it was impossible to recoup some money. After all, we’d had such happy times here that surely someone else would see the benefit of timeshare?

Luckily, we managed to find a company that specialised in timeshare resales. As with many things in life, if you don’t know what you are doing, talk to the experts. The sales people were far from pushy and managed to answer our many questions. In doing so, our minds were put at rest and we discovered that they could market and sell the timeshare on our behalf. Finding a buyer was much easier for them as their whole area of expertise lay in timeshare resales and matching buyers to sellers.

It was a pain-free experience, made more so by the fact that we didn’t have to stump up a ridiculously large upfront fee. The pricing structure was clear and transparent and the sale went through without a hitch. Now, my husband and I are enjoying our narrow boat, but if we had the time over again, timeshare would still be the holiday choice for us.