2015 was a record year for visitors to Jamaica, according to the Jamaica Tourist Board. 201,364 tourists from the UK and Ireland took a holiday in Jamaica last year. This figure represents an increase of over 12% compared to the previous year, and is also the first time ever that arrivals have exceeded the 200,000 mark. This does not even include cruise visitors, which also make up a significant percentage of visits to the island.

The ideal timeshare destination

Tourism in Jamaica is booming. As well as becoming an increasingly popular destination to visit, more hotels are being built to accommodate the growing number of tourists. Currently, 2,500 new hotel rooms are under construction, with another 7,000 in the pipeline. New direct flight services from Ireland to Jamaica are also on the cards for this summer, which should see visitor numbers swell even further.

As more visitors appreciate the splendours of this Caribbean island, it is inevitable that timeshare in Jamaica could also become even more popular.

What makes Jamaica so special?

Jamaica is fast becoming one of the most sought-after destinations to visit in the Caribbean, and it’s not hard to see why the island is so appealing. Jamaica has all of the essential ingredients for a fantastic, tropical paradise holiday. With miles of beaches fit for gracing any holiday brochure cover, it makes for the perfect beach destination, especially during winter.

Snorkelling, diving and even surfing are top notch on the island, and boat tours are a popular way to explore the shoreline. With the Caribbean’s best golf course located in Montego Bay, Jamaica is also a hot spot for golfers. Away from the coast, Jamaica boasts dramatic and breath-taking scenery, including the stunning Blue Mountains.

Jamaica is much more than its tropical coastline, however. The warm welcome and hospitality of the locals makes it the kind of place where visitors feel truly at home, so it is no wonder that tourist numbers are rising. Children are also well catered for on the island, so it makes for the ideal family destination.

Jamaica’s culture is especially unique and interesting, and you can take tours to learn about the island and its past. Many visitors also return year after year to Jamaica for its mouth-watering cuisine. Dishes are locally sourced using fresh and exotic ingredients, with staples such as jerk-seasoned meats, ackee and saltfish being menu favourites, washed down with rum and coconut-inspired beverages.


It’s the high standard of the accommodation that really sets Jamaica apart, with many upmarket all-inclusive resorts offering an exceptional range of facilities and features for a truly relaxing stay. The very high standards of the hotels and resorts ensures that timeshare in Jamaica could well become more popular, as visitor numbers continue to rise.