If you bought your timeshare many years ago, and have now decided to sell it, you could well be operating in a very different arena from the one that you dealt with in the past. New companies may have since sprung up, other companies may have disappeared, rules and regulations may well have since changed and products in the timeshare industry may also now be much different than before.

For anyone embarking on the resale of timeshares it can be a daunting prospect if you are either not familiar with the current processes involved, or things have changed a lot since you first bought your vacation ownership. If you are hoping to sell your timeshare quickly, then getting up to speed with the best approaches and strategies to take can help to put you in the driving seat.

Do not feel left in the dark. Make use of the experts who are there to offer the help you need. Organisations such as SellMyTimeshare.tv have years of experience and can help guide you through the process, and shed light on the things you need to know to make the resale of timeshares go smoother and quicker.

There are lots of rules and regulations governing the timeshare industry, and you would be forgiven for not understanding or being up to scratch with all of them. If you are looking to sell your timeshare, then it would also be advisable speaking to a relevant consumer association who will be able to tell you everything you might need to know, to get the sale on the right course.

TATOC, for instance, is the largest consumer association for timeshare owners in Europe. Formed in 1989, it is run by timeshare owners for timeshare owners. The goal of TATOC is to enhance and safeguard the overall timeshare experience for established and would-be users, as well as be the voice of owners. Since its inception, TATOC has helped to represent thousands of timeshare owners, through answering questions relating to the industry.

TATOC has also been operating a consumer helpline since 2008, which has recently been awarded charitable status for its contribution to providing advice and assistance to users. Since the set up, it has received over 24,000 emails and phone calls from consumers, and it estimates that around 1,000 people currently contact the helpline each month. Many of the people who get in touch have questions relating to timeshare, but the helpline has also contributed significantly to many owners saving money or recovering costs.

If you are looking to sell your timeshare as quickly as possible, it really does make sense to be guided by expert organisations, such as the above, who can make sure you are on the right path to success.