Most people are satisfied with the way their timeshare is run and maintained, but if you experience any problems, what should you do? You have a number of options to help resolve this issue, but if it does not get resolved to your satisfaction, selling on the timeshare resale market is one way to release you from the burden.

How does timeshare work?

As well as the initial purchase price when you buy timeshare, you will need to pay annual maintenance fees for every year that you are an owner. These maintenance fees usually cover the up keep of the accommodation and resort, and any repairs that may need doing.

When problems occur

Generally, owners should not experience too many problems when they take on a timeshare, but when issues do occur they are most likely to be with the standard of accommodation not being maintained. Repairs may need doing, and in some cases, the standard may drop. Services may also not be up to scratch as they should be, such as the swimming pool not being cleaned or needing repair work. In other cases, problems may occur if there is equipment missing from the timeshare or they don’t work.

Consult the owners’ committee

It can be disappointing when your timeshare does not meet your expectations, but try to resolve the problems swiftly so it does not interfere with the enjoyment of your holiday. As a first port of call, contact the owners’ committee at your resort, if it has one. An owners’ committee oversees the resort’s management, and may even have the power to replace a management company if they are not doing their job properly. If the resort doesn’t have an owners’ committee take your complaint directly to the management company or timeshare company.

Ensure that you keep a record of what you said to whom and when. This can be useful if you need to refer to it in future. If the problem is not being resolved in the way it should be, put your complaint down in writing and send to the management company, demanding a response within a particular time frame. Explain that they may in breach of contract, if they do not solve the particular problem.

Check your timeshare agreement

Before you make any complaints or write any letters, make sure you have double-checked your timeshare agreement to fully understand who is responsible for managing the issues that need fixing. Bear in mind that if you signed your agreement after 23 February 2011 in an EEA country, you are legally obliged to be informed who is responsible for the maintenance of the timeshare, including aspects such as resort facilities, refuse collection and water maintenance.

If the problem does not get solved to your satisfaction, as a last resort, you could take the timeshare company to court. This could prove costly and time-consuming, so may not be an option many owners may wish to take. On the other hand, you could consider selling on the timeshare resale market or even giving the timeshare back to the resort, if feasible.