If you are the kind of timeshare owner who has always stuck to vacationing at the same place year after year, there may come a time when you might like to try somewhere different. You could opt for swapping destinations using an exchange programme, or you may consider selling timeshare points or selling your timeshare altogether, to turn your attention to a completely new holiday destination.

Traditional holiday destinations remain popular with timeshare owners, but if you are looking for somewhere up and coming to satiate your holiday desires for the foreseeable future, then you might find a recent survey conducted by travel review guru, TripAdvisor, of particular interest.

TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice awards for Destinations on the Rise has recently been revealed for 2015, proving of interest to anyone seeking new timeshare possibilities in resorts that are set to blossom.

According to the results, Asia proves to be on a winning streak as a destination on the up. Taking top spot in the survey was a little-known place called Da Nang in Vietnam. The allure of Da Nang lies in its mix of beautiful scenery and beaches, complete with intriguing monuments, architecture and appetising culinary tours.

Sihanoukville in Cambodia came hot off Da Nang’s heels at the number two spot in the survey, with its beaches, top-rated snorkelling and diving proving attractive propositions. Ao Nang in Thailand and Naha in Japan also featured in the top 10 list.

Although Europe is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, it hardly made an impact on TripAdvisor’s top 10 list of up and coming holiday hotspots. Limassol in Cyprus did, however, take the limelight at number three on the list, courtesy of its all-round appeal for families and couples seeking a beachside holiday with all the trimmings. Bodrum in Turkey claimed fifth spot on the list, already a favourite destination for many culture seekers, but likely to see increased visitor numbers in the foreseeable future.

A warm all-year-round climate and bounty of water activities available off the Red Sea may well have helped earn the Egyptian resort of Hurghada a place at number seven on TripAdvisor’s must-visit list of places for 2015. A surprising destination romped in at number eight on the list – Kazan in Russia. For those intrepid holiday adventure seekers looking for a rich cultural experience steeped in history, then this destination could well prove alluring.

Manaus in Brazil earned itself ninth place on the poll. Manaus played host to the last World Cup, which undoubtedly helped boost its profile. As a destination in its own right, however, it boasts a wealth of attractions.

Eilat in Israel came tenth on TripAdvisor’s poll of destinations on the rise. This southern-most of Israel’s cities knows how to do sunshine on a big scale, where the sun is said to shine nearly every day of the year. If it’s not just sunshine you are after, then Eilat also ranks highly for its snorkelling and diving pursuits.