Location is often a key factor for selling timeshare, but if your property is not conveniently positioned near an airport, you may be plagued with the worrying question; can I sell my timeshare? A new study conducted by leading vacation rental company Wyndham Rentals may offer some encouraging news to those who may have concerned themselves with how can I sell my timeshare if it is not near any airport?

What does the study show?

The study reveals that a surprising number of us are actually taking to the road this summer instead of flying to our timeshare property. Wyndham Vacation Rental surveyed more than 11,000 owners, and the results reveal that road trips are increasingly becoming a more popular way to reach our holiday destination, with the journey itself incorporated into the holiday experience, rather than just being seen as a way to get from A to B.

Wyndam Vacation Rental’s study highlights that 90% of those who plan to drive to their destination will spend on average 12.3 hours to get there. It seems that many timeshare owners may break the journey up en-route and stop off at interesting places along the way, often not necessarily taking the shortest route to reach their destination.

The survey also reveals that most of the time, it is the man who does the driving. Four out of five men do the driving on the trip, compared to just one in five women. It seems men are more likely to take the long and leisurely route compared to women, who appear to be more eager to get to their final destination.

It appears that vacation owners also tend to travel in larger groups, such as with family and friends, and relish the time spent together, whether by travelling to their destination on a road trip or once they have arrived in their resort.

Not surprisingly, almost half of those surveyed revealed that their biggest bugbear when on the road was bad driving by other motorists. Backseat driving was also a top annoyance, while more men than women get irritated by others in the car singing or humming during the journey.

With this latest news that more of us are taking to the road this summer to reach our holiday ownership destination, it offers fresh hope for those looking to sell timeshare who may have just thought attracting buyers who fly to their holiday destination was their only option.