NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, has created a data visualisation video showing air traffic in Europe, using real flight information. The innovative video records the movement of the air traffic, which flies on an average summer’s day in Europe. It makes for compelling viewing, whether you are interested in aircraft or not. It also demonstrates just how busy our skies are, and the extent to which air traffic control has to keep European airspace as safe and efficient as possible.

For anyone owning a timeshare, knowing which airlines fly to and from your destination will become a key part of your ownership. If you have had your timeshare for a long time you may have seen this change considerably over the years, as airline carriers come and go. In particular, the introduction of many budget airlines could also have opened up more possibilities to travel to your timeshare destination, and often at cheaper prices – which is great news for any timeshare owner.

The availability of flights and the number of airline carriers operating to a timeshare destination can have a big impact, should you ever decide to sell your timeshare or when selling timeshare points. If a budget airline opens a new route to your destination, or increases its number of flights, then this can be favourable for anyone selling timeshare in that destination, as it could increase demand. People are likely to show an interest in owning timeshare in a location that is easy for them to get to, at affordable prices. Certainly, if you are considering selling timeshare points or timeshares, if you hear news of any additional flight routes to the local area, then this could be a good time to start looking at selling.

What happens, though, if an airline carrier decides to pull the plug on flying to your destination, or reduce its number of flights? Obviously this could well impact on your ability to sell your timeshare, but it might only influence demand based on the location where the flight route was changed. It could be, for instance, that while an airline stops flying from one destination that it adds routes from another place instead. In which case, your buyer might come from another destination or country than your own.

In other instances, changes to flight itineraries may have little or no impact at all, especially if there are other options of reaching the resort, such as by boat or car. You might even find a buyer who lives in the same country or area as not all timeshare owners choose to buy property overseas.

Crucially, if a resort has a lot going for it in the first place, such as excellent facilities and amenities, or specific features such as a spa complex, then this would still make it an attractive enough proposition to potential buyers, regardless of which airlines serve the destination.

What is certain, however, whether you are buying or selling timeshare, is ensuring that your resort or destination is sufficiently accessible, so that getting to and from the timeshare property does not add extra stress or hassle to the journey.