Selling a time share can often be tricky, but a number of aspects can work in your favour to increase the prospects of a sale. Time share sales can be boosted by using a reputable company experienced in this trade, but you can also stand a better chance of sales success depending on where the property is located and the brand name that owns it.

A time-share destination that enjoys universal appeal at any time of year will always be in demand. If it boasts a wide range of facilities and amenities and is easy to get to, your chances of making time share sales improve even further. Add to the mix a property that is owned by a trusted and respected leading industry name, and time share sales will be even more achievable.

Wyndham Sydney

A time-share success story that fulfils these requirements and is likely to experience healthy interest from buyers when a property comes up for sale is that of Wyndham Vacation Resorts in the Australian city of Sydney. Due to celebrate its tenth year of operation at the beginning of October this year, the resort has proved a resounding success from this leading time-share brand. With an impressive 90% occupancy rate, this thriving resort has enjoyed repeat visits year after year. 30,000 guests visited Wyndham Sydney in 2014, and already this year alone the resort has seen over 20,000 guests pass through its doors.

Resort directors believe that it is the tireless dedication of the hard-working staff that has contributed to the success of Wyndham Sydney, but the location of the resort is likely to have played a huge role, too. Centrally situated on Wentworth Avenue, with Hyde Park and other attractions close by, the resort is ideally placed for those who want to be in the heart of Sydney’s action. Near to transport links, including trains and ferries, the location is perfect for exploring the shops and city landmarks, whilst it is also easy to get to the stunning beaches and suburbs which Sydney is famous for.

Wyndham Sydney is the first urban style of time-share resort in the Wyndham Vacation Resort Pacific’s portfolio and has proved a great success in its first decade of operation.

If you are looking at selling your time share in a popular location that is run by a leading brand name, such as Wyndham Sydney, you stand a good chance of securing a sale.