If you own a timeshare and are looking into the prospects of selling it, there are probably hundreds of questions you might have in your mind, especially if you have never gone down this road before. There is lots of ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ associated with timeshare resales and the processes involved, and many may ask themselves, is there a particular time when it is best to sell timeshare?
First and foremost, the time to sell your timeshare has to be convenient for you. It could be that you have a change of circumstances that necessitate a quick sale, or perhaps you are looking to use the cash from your timeshare resales to buy another timeshare or invest in other property.

If you are not dependent on factors such as these, there may be certain situations where selling your timeshare is more favourable. Some people, for instance, decide to list their timeshare for sale a few months before the holiday season begins. This is normally the time of year when buyers are starting to look into the options of purchasing timeshare, so you stand a much better chance of selling quickly.

It makes sense that during tough economic times, especially during a recession, that fewer people have the spare cash for buying timeshare, so during these times you might find it harder to sell. In contrast, a more favourable time to try to sell your timeshare is after a recession when people are starting to look to increased prosperity again. Selling during a recession does require extra patience, and you would probably be wise to employ the services of an expert organisation to assist in the selling process. Unfortunately, during tough, economic periods plenty of scammers start to come out of the woodwork to try to lure people into the false pretense of a quick sale, so you do really need to have your wits about you.

Another favourable time to sell your timeshare is when the resort or country your timeshare is in is becoming increasingly popular. There may be a specific reason for this, such as an upcoming event being hosted or investment in new facilities or infrastructure. If you hear about new resorts or large hotels being built in the area though, it might be worth trying to sell before any such building work takes place, in case you face competition.

Obviously, some timeshare resorts are consistently popular, so trying to sell will probably not be too much affected by other factors such as time of year, economic conditions or specifics in the resort. What is important in any timeshare resale is to ensure that you have set your price appropriately and that you are dealing with a reputation resale organisation.