The rise of the internet and the increase in technological awareness among ordinary members of the public mean that in many instances people are going it alone. It seems that everything from marriage and divorce to buying and selling is done online by people with no previous experience. This may be all very well for those who are willing to spend time and effort in becoming familiar with what they are trying to achieve, but not everyone has the time to spare and the technical know-how to make going it alone a success.

One way in which people can trip up is when they come to a point when they want to sell their timeshare. Many people end up practically giving their timeshare points or weeks away via sites such as eBay, perhaps because they do not realise that there are alternative means of success without resorting to dodgy companies that charge through the nose for their services.

Although selling a timeshare for free may be everyone’s goal, the truth of the matter is that some fees are likely to be payable, even on an auction site. The trick is to use a company that is open and honest about the costs involved, which doesn’t charge exorbitant upfront fees and knows the timeshare resale business well enough to provide success in a reasonable amount of time.

A look around the internet will show that there are plenty of companies out there which offer a service that seems too good to be true. Well, as the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Instead, look for a company that adheres to all the relevant legislation regarding timeshare and which is a member of an organisation such as the Direct Marketing Association. Look for honest references from past clients and trust your gut feeling. Take a little care and you can be sure that you’ll be as happy with your timeshare resale as you were with your initial purchase.