Recent reports indicate that the number of people looking into timeshare resales increased by a third last year, and other reports suggest that six people in the UK are cancelling their timeshare plans every day. Thousands more are seeking advice on selling timeshare right now. 

Whilst timeshare is a great concept and brings fabulous benefits to many people, there are, for various reasons, lots of others who want to call time on their ownership. With many owners unsure how to go about selling, there has never been a bigger need for advice on selling timeshare.

If you’re looking for advice on selling timeshare, here are ten invaluable top tips to take on board.

1. Research Your Timeshare Reseller

Know who will be selling your timeshare. Google resale companies online, and only go with those that are accredited, trustworthy and reliable.

2. Know Your Timeshare Value

Try to get an idea as to how much your timeshare might be worth. Research similar properties and arrangements. By having an idea of what your timeshare might be worth, you’re in a better position not to be ripped off.

3. Ask Around

If you’re looking for advice on selling timeshare, ask around. Do you know any friends or family who may have sold up? Their opinions and experiences may prove worthwhile.

4. Hold On To Your Cash

You should never part with any money before your timeshare is sold. If you’re asked for money up-front from a seller, walk away and sell elsewhere.

5. Cold Callers

Never consider selling to someone who cold calls you out of the blue. Reputable resale companies would never employ these tactics.

6. Resist Pressure Tactics

If you feel under pressure from a seller to make a decision, hold back and walk away. An honest and genuine seller will never put pressure on you.

7. Too Good To Be True Usually Is

If you’re made an offer that sounds too good to be true, the chances are that you may have stumbled upon a scam artist. The reality is, there tend to be more properties for sale than potential buyers, which can drive prices down, making genuine irresistible offers few and far between.

8. Research Selling Timeshare Online

Some owners decide to sell their timeshare online themselves. If you decide to go down this route, bear in mind you face stiff competition, and your sale may take longer. Make sure that you are advertising in the right places, to attract the right types of buyers. We strongly advise avoiding auction sites for selling your timeshare online. Check out this post for further information.

9. Selling Your Timeshare Quickly

Since it’s a buyers’ market, you may find that selling your timeshare takes longer than expected. If you want to speed up the sale, you may benefit from consulting with an expert resales broker with many years of experience in selling timeshare.

10. Know Your Options

There may be other options to selling your timeshare. If the inflexible arrangement of your timeshare is the impetus for selling, you might be able to switch to a more flexible arrangement that better suits your needs.

Above all, regardless of how keen you are to be rid of your timeshare, it’s important not to rush into anything. Whilst a quick sale seems like the ideal result, it’s likely to be more beneficial to take your time, and know exactly what you’re getting into. Be certain you’re not selling yourself short, or falling victim to a nasty scam. Being as informed as possible before you sell, and checking over all the details, is the best route to making sure you get the most out of your timeshare sale. The team at SellMyTimeshare.tv would be happy to talk through your options with you, and help you with the process of selling. Do feel free to get in touch.