Nevertheless, as with many things in the press, the whole picture is not given. The fact is that if you know how to sell a timeshare properly, you can recoup some of your initial investment and both you and the buyer can end up being happy with the transaction. The way to go about this is to enlist the help and advice of people who specialise in this quite specific field.

There are a number of companies that help match sellers to buyers and it’s not hard to find a selection of these companies with a simple internet search. Weeding out the less favourable options requires a little more effort and there are some simple rules by which you should abide. First, no reputable company should insist on your paying a substantial upfront fee. You wouldn’t expect such a fee from an estate agent, so why should you accept it from another kind of property vendor? You will have to pay a fee, of course, but as you’ll most likely get a much greater price than if you attempt to sell alone, you’ll still be quids in.

Another key pointer to check with any potential resale company is that they are both aware of the relevant legislation governing timeshare and they adhere to it. Careful consideration of the law shows a company that is likely to be consistent in its efforts and careful to ensure that all transactions are above board. No transaction is going to be a good one unless you have absolute faith in the company with which you are dealing.

What you get for your money is help with finding a buyer, not just a browser. The company has various means of attracting people to your timeshare and experienced agents can ensure that they get the very best price on your behalf. It is not uncommon for those who choose to sell via auction sites to barely make any money at all, so anything that a company can do to increase your return has got to be welcome.