Whether or not you’re happy to have the responsibility of a timeshare property, it’s yours until you decide otherwise. If you’re not quite ready to sell timeshare now, there’s one big thing you can do to make the most of your timeshare. Above all else, you must use it. Beyond that, however, we have a few suggestions to offer you rather than just using your timeshare or selling timeshare now.

Take a look below for some ideas on making the most of it while you have it:

1. Using Your Timeshare

It may seem obvious, but the sad fact is that many people with timeshares are so caught up with everyday life, that their timeshare week ends up getting missed. This, quite simply, is the worst mistake that you can make. Even if you are having a negative experience and want to get out of your timeshare commitment, that’s no reason not to use it. After all, you’re paying for it. Without actually using your timeshare, and taking the well-earned holiday that it offers, you may as well throw your hard-earned money away.

2. Take Full Advantage of Your Resort

Most timeshare resorts offer a huge array of activities on site. From happy hours and exercise classes, to kids’ clubs and cooking lessons, you needn’t spend your entire holiday lying around soaking up the sun, if you don’t want to! You can use it as a great opportunity for new experiences, and to form lasting memories with your loved ones. And even if you feel you’ve squeezed every last drop out of what your resort itself has to offer, you’ll still always be able to find new things to discover in the local area.

7 Ways To Bring Joy Back To Your Timeshare | SellMyTimeshare.tv

3. Part of the Family

Your timeshare can become an annual tradition for your family. It could be a wonderful way to bring the disparate factions of your family together, to have fun, relax and form new memories together. Keep a journal, accompanied by photos and mementos of your family’s trips each year. This way, you can all look back fondly for years to come. Why not get out and meet some fellow timeshare owners in your resort? These people could become welcome friends to spend time with each year.

4. Rent Out Your Timeshare

Even if you are unable to use your timeshare yourself, offer it to friends or family for their holiday. And if that’s still not an option, then there is the option of renting out your timeshare, an option that we have explored in some depth already on our blog.

5. Exchange Your Timeshare

The other option to consider in order to make the most of your timeshare is to exchange it. If you would rather spend your timeshare week in another resort, you can put in a request for an exchange with another timeshare holder at another location. However, it is important to note that if you want to exchange your timeshare, you need to organise this as far in advance as possible. The best possible length of time before the trip? Two years. So, it really pays to think and plan ahead.

6. Positive Attitude

Speaking of planning ahead, that’s part of what your timeshare is all about. You pay for your holiday in advance, save yourself the time and energy involved in finding a place to stay, making reservations, then dealing with check-ins, and – of course – paying for the whole thing all at once. These are probably some of the advantages that talked you into buying timeshare in the first place. And advantages they really are, so approach your timeshare with a positive outlook, and bring that positivity to the great holiday you have ahead of you. A holiday that you liked so much that you decided to come again year after year!

7 Ways To Bring Joy Back To Your Timeshare | SellMyTimeshare.tv

7. Bonus Weeks and Points

Bonus weeks and points offered by your timeshare company can be a real saviour in helping you make the most of your timeshare. By offering your bonus week as gifts to friends and family, or taking advantage yourself, or by using the points you’re given, you’re making that money you spend on your timeshare go further. Make sure you take a good look at all the paperwork relating to your timeshare points and bonuses – you might find that there are some useful little tidbits that could make your life easier.

If you’ve tried the above and are still not happy, then it might be time to consider selling timeshare. Just make sure you get the right advice, and choose a company you can trust in order to make the most of your timeshare sale. 

We have plenty of good guides here at SellMyTimeshare.tv, offering some wise words to help you make the right choices for your timeshare, and will be happy to chat it all through with you whenever you’re ready.