If you are looking for ways in which you can save money on your timeshare holiday this year, there are plenty of easy-to-follow ideas that don’t need to compromise the enjoyment of your holiday. Here are a few suggestions that any timeshare owner can follow.

1. Book in advance

The sooner you organise and book your travel arrangements, the cheaper it may be, and you may be able to benefit from deals and discounts. If you have a fixed timeshare week, booking travel arrangements as early as possible is recommended. But if you have the option to be flexible or you are selling a time share and using the funds to secure a more flexible alternative, you could save even more by travelling outside peak hours, days of the week or times of the year.

2. Travel at your destination

If you’re planning on hiring a car at your destination, think about booking in advance to secure the best deals. Additionally, some destinations have really efficient public transport systems, so you might be able to do all the sightseeing you have planned without needing to hire a car. You can often save money on ticket prices for buses or trains by buying a travel card that covers you for a week or for a family.

3. Research charges

If you’re travelling overseas, look into charges for activities such as using your credit card or mobile phone, if you really want to save money on your timeshare holiday. Some banks or network providers charge extortionate fees for use abroad, so look into your best options and negotiate deals with providers.

4. Money matters

Don’t leave it until you get to the airport to change currency, as you’ll normally get poor rates. Be smart and check out currency exchange rates before you go by comparing online to get the best deals.

5. Free activities

If you want to have a fun-filled holiday, you don’t necessarily have to be constantly splashing the cash. Many resorts and destinations feature things to see and do that are free, so get to know what these are to save money on your timeshare holiday.

Look at review sites such as TripAdvisor for suggestions on free activities. If want to visit attractions that aren’t free, you can very often secure better deals if you book online, or if you buy tickets in conjunction with those for other attractions. Keep your eyes open for money-off coupons or vouchers, which may be found in the reception areas of hotels or in tourist information literature.

6. Avoid tourist hotspots

Shops, restaurants and bars that are centrally located in tourist areas often charge inflated prices, especially during the peak season. If you want to save money on your timeshare holiday, considering eating, drinking or shopping in locations that are away from the mainstream tourist areas. In addition to lower prices, you are more likely to enjoy authentic experiences favoured by the locals.