Owning a timeshare should be an enjoyable experience, but many people feel daunted by the prospect of going on holiday. Here are some tips to ensure that you enjoy stress-free travel both before and after you arrive at your destination.

1. Plan ahead

Make sure that you have planned all of your travel arrangements well in advance, so that everything goes smoothly. From booking the tickets, to arranging travel insurance and organising a visa or vaccinations, being organised can make for stress-free travel. Make use of websites such as TripAdvisor to find out local information, including restaurant reviews and things to do once in the resort.

2. Arrive early

If you want to limit stress levels, try to arrive early when travelling, so that you do not risk missing any connections. Allow for any hold-ups or delays on the way, so that you arrive in plenty of time, without feeling flustered. If you are flying, check in online if possible to save time at the airport.

3. Pet care

If you own pets, it can be a worry going on holiday, so make sure that your furry friends are in good hands during your trip away. Research kennels or catteries and ensure that you are satisfied with the level of care. Alternatively, if you do not want your pet to miss out, consider booking a holiday where pets are welcome, too. Many timeshare properties are pet friendly these days.

4. Be luggage wise

Carting lots of luggage around with you can fuel stress levels, so try to only pack what you really need. Remember, you can usually buy many items once in the resort, especially bulky toiletries. Consider packing clothes that can be mixed and matched for daytime or evening wear.

5. Keep kids amused

For stress-free travel, make sure that you are prepared to keep youngsters entertained during the journey. Puzzle books, magazines, tablets and travel games are easy to pack in your hand luggage and will ensure that children do not get bored en route.

Car hire

If you have decided to hire a car during your holiday, it is very often worthwhile organising this before you travel. Not only does this save you the hassle of arranging it when you arrive at your destination, but you can often get better rates if you research deals and book in advance. For safe travelling, make sure that you understand the rules of the road at your holiday destination, especially if they differ to those back home.

6. Public transport

If you decide to venture out and about using public transport, it is worth researching the best way to get around, or ask for advice from someone in your resort. Only use licensed taxi firms or those that have been recommended, and bring details of your address and identification with you, in case you become lost.