Sell My Timeshare

How Can I Sell My Timeshare?
Selling My Timeshare?

First things first: Timeshare is a good concept and a good product. No industry survives nearly 50 years if the product is not good for most people that buy it.

Every day we receive numerous enquiries from Timeshare owners that want to sell their Timeshare or want to sell their Timeshare points. Some of them are disillusioned with the Timeshare resale services that they have tried in the past. They ask us "How do I sell my Timeshare?" Their belief is that it is difficult to sell Timeshare weeks. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. It helps to understand the Timeshare resale market.

So if you have been asking yourself these following questions, then this website is for you:

How do I sell my Timeshare for FREE?
Where can I sell my Timeshare?
Where can I sell my Points?

Selling a Timeshare is far from impossible. After all, you had your Timeshare sold to you and so did thousands of other Timeshare owners. The key fact is that most timeshare owners had their Timeshare sold to them - rather than them buying their Timeshare. Cast your mind back to when you purchased your Timeshare weeks or Timeshare points. Most likely you needed a bit of convincing to buy your Timeshare. Yes?

Right. So the reality was that when you were sold your Timeshare or points, you didn't buy Timeshare based on its price only. It was a purchase you made based on getting great quality, fabulous holidays for yourself and your family. Your decision to buy your Timeshare was maybe also based on exchanging your Timeshare weeks through an exchange company, RCI or Interval International.

So your Timeshare or points were sold to you by selling you the benefits of the Timeshare system: guaranteed quality of Timeshare holiday accommodation, pride of Timeshare ownership, holiday cost savings, freedom of holiday choice and the ability the buy a lifetime of holidays at a fixed price today.
So why do you want to sell your Timeshare?

Our customers' reasons for selling their Timeshare or points do vary. Could this be you?

  • We've started taking all inclusive holidays so I want to sell my Timeshare
  • Our family is grown up now, so I want to sell my Timeshare
  • We're happy holidaying for more weeks now, in a cheaper standard so I want to sell my Timeshare
  • We want to go on cruises now, so I want to sell my Timeshare
  • We own a Timeshare with lower trading power, so I want to sell my Timeshare
  • We are getting older & have stopped travelling abroad, so I want to sell my Timeshare
  • Our children do not want to inherit the Timeshare, so I want to sell my Timeshare Points

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