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Independent Advice

Receive top Timeshare tips from one of our Senior Client Advisers. Our dedicated and professional team all have at least 10 years industry experience.

  • When was the last time you had advice about your timeshare that wasn’t from your home resort?
  • Are you getting the most from your Timeshare?
  • Are you using it to its full potential?
  • Find out about “Trading Power” secrets from an independent expert.
  • Get an up to date evaluation and appraisal of your ownership.
  • Converted to points? Get the inside knowledge.
  • How are your maintenance fees calculated? We’ll tell you.
Our company’s success is down to our honest, straight-talking approach.

We are fully compliant with all EU Timeshare legislation, are members of the UK Direct Marketing Association and The Institute of Direct Marketing, abiding by its strict code of conduct with regard to data compliance and direct customer contact.

These organisations help to uphold standards within the marketing and sales industry. As a member, our standards are monitored for compliance and ultimately we are accountable to the Office of Fair Trading and the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK.

Last year we advised thousands of Timeshare owners on what options they had available to them. Many of these people were not even aware that they had these simple solutions readily obtainable.

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Our customers’ reasons for selling their Timeshare vary...

We’ve started taking all inclusive holidays

Our family is grown
up now

We are getting older and have stopped travelling abroad

  • We understand Timeshare Owners
  • We understand Timeshare Sellers
  • We understand Timeshare Buyers
  • We are regulated and certified
  • We're here to help
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Customer Testimonials What Our Customers Say

Advice Centres We have advice centres in Tenerife, Bournemouth, York and Stratford-upon-Avon 

The Sell My Timeshare Team Each one of our Advice Centres, just like our excellent teams, have been hand-picked in stunning locations so you can combine your trip and take a relaxing break.  

This consists of a 2 night stay, if you are wishing to travel to Bournemouth, York or Stratford-upon-Avon, and a 7 night stay if you are travelling to our Tenerife Advice Centre.

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